ABOUT ME         

       My love of line dancing extends to a period of over 25 years. I began teaching in 1991 in California, where I was born and raised. As life moved on, and so did we, I also taught classes in Washington state, Oregon, Colorado, and now Florida. It has been amazing to see the transformation and evolution of line dancing. It's not just Country music anymore. We now dance to ALL types of music!   


This photo was taken at the Silverado Dance Hall and Saloon in Stockton, CA.  That was our favorite hang out back in the early 90s, when line dancing was ALL country and we wore matching outfits. The Silverado was a real river boat, the kind with the huge paddle wheel. It was converted into a building on land. Sadly, a few years ago, it was torn down to make room for a strip mall. 






Sometimes we still dress western, but most of the time, I wear tank tops and shorts. This IS Florida, you know.


Yes, I still wear boots. I know most people wear dance sneakers or pretty ballroom shoes these days. They just don't work very well for me.

              I also choreograph dances... when the mood strikes me. I guess I should say... when the song grabs me! I have quite a few dances out there, but the one that has become the biggest hit on the charts is "Pontoon". 

My demo and walk Thru for Pontoon.     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cnCkuNu2qI  

A BIG thank you to Michael Barr who taught Pontoon at several workshops! I'm sure he gave me the jump start to move this dance up the chart. This link is from the Tampa Bay Classic in November of 2012


                I have many dances on YouTube, but there are a lot of them that are NOT on YouTube, because it didn't exist back then, or it was before I had a video camera. If you wish, you can subscribe to me on YouTube and be notified when I submit new videos! The step sheets for my older dances can be found on Kickit.com, and a few of the newer ones. I now prefer to use Copperknob.com and Yipee.com (UK).

Contact  Gail :    stepbystep.gail@gmail.com