Copperknob - Step sheets


Yipee  -  Step Sheets


Dennis Hansen - Dancin' Country  -  Davenport, FL


Ferrel Mazzatto - Space Coast Blast  -  Titusville, FL


Frank Trace  -  Canton Ohio  


Gary O'Reilly  - Sligo, Ireland


Irene Cousins - France


Lindy Bowers - Lindy's Lines  -  Orlando, FL


Line Dancer Magazine (online)


John Robinson - Mr. Showcase  -  Indianapolis, Indiana


Patti Nivens - Central East Coast of Florida


Rachael McEnaney - Dance With Rachael  -  Winter Garden, FL


St. Cloud Line Dance Club - Senior Center  -  St. Cloud, FL


World Line Dance Newsletter  -  Weekly Line Dance Survey, event calendar, etc.


Check these sites for other dance classes, Instructors, Choreographers, workshops and misc. info.

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