Friday evenings

     6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

St. Cloud Community Center 

3101  17th  Street, St. Cloud, FL.

We meet in the "A"  Hall, which has a beautiful floating dance floor!


Early Bird Special 5:30 pm ! Teaches or reviews of dances that you may be having trouble with. OR, maybe you just missed the teach. OR, a requested retro dance. You get the idea.

As far as I know, we will have class the day AFTER thanksgiving. Keep an eye on this page for announcements.

11-24  EBS =  Intrigue. If we have enough time, we will also do Feels So Real


EBS = Early Bird Special

Check for class cancellations below..... 


Occasionally, there may be times when the hall is rented out, OR floor maintenance is being done. Please be sure to watch for hall closure notices or class cancelled announcements, which will be posted below.

 PARKING:  The front doors to the building will be locked! Please drive around to the BACK parking lot to come in through the rear entrance. The parking lot is well lit at night.

We have a really great place to dance. The St. Cloud Community Center is a very nice facility. It has a beautiful, large dance floor, a stage, AC, PLUS fans on the walls! At the back of the room, there are tables with seating. We also have access to the kitchen. This comes in handy for our break time and special occasions when we may have a party!


This class starts out with a warm up dance..... lessons..... a short break,  followed by Open Dance Requests.  Recently added the "Early Bird Special" which begins at 5:30 pm.


"All ages are welcome, as long as they are old enough to participate."  The suggested age is 12 and older. This particular class, the Smith N Western Line Dance Club, is  NOT a beginner class. Basic knowledge of line dance steps is required. Some dances may be High beginner to low Intermediate levels. Most of the dances are Intermediate to Advanced levels. If you are interested in beginner classes at the Community Center, contact me and I can get that information to you.


If you are new, or even if you only attend occasionally: The basis for becoming a member is - - -  If you plan on attending ANY club at  the Community Center at least four times within the YEAR, the CITY requires you to become a member. Membership is $10, which are renewed once a year, and is valid April - March of the next year. This money does NOT go to the club. It goes to the City, as per requirements.


 Please see Betsy, Gail or Bonnie if you are interested in becoming a member, or if you need to renew your membership. Thank You.

Contact  Gail :